Personal Banking

The Turbotville National Bank offers multiple personal deposits accounts to best serve our customers needs.


Personal Checking

All Turbotville National Bank checking accounts include the following benefits:

  • Free online personal banking,
  • Free online bill payment,
  • Free telephone banking,
  • Free e-statement or paper statement with check and deposit images,
  • Preferred rate on installment loans,
  • Unlimited check writing ability,
  • Access to thousands of surcharge-free ATMs through the Liberty Alliance and MoneyPass networks,
  • No fee to use another bank’s ATM (other bank may charge fee), and
  • All checking accounts require a $10.00 initial deposit.

Regular Checking

Individual and joint checking accounts are available to customers of the Turbotville National Bank. There are no monthly fees for these accounts unless the minimum daily balance falls below $250.00, at which time a $3.00 monthly service fee will be charged.

Winner Checking

  • This checking account is available to all customers.
  • There is no minimum balance required.
  • Special privileges include:
    • Interest on balance of $750.00 or more,
    • Personalized checks at no cost to customer,
    • Travelers’ cards, cashier’s checks, and money orders at no service fee to customers, and
    • Free notary service, faxes and copies.
  • A $5.00 service fee is charged for this type of account.

Winner 50 Checking

  • This account is available to customers who are 50 or older.
  • A minimum balance of $100.00 must be maintained.
  • These customers receive:
    • Interest on any balance of $750.00 or more,
    • Free personalized checks (limited styles),
    • Travelers’ cards, cashier’s checks, and money order at no service fee to customers,
    • Free notary service, faxes, and copies, and
    • A $6.00 service fee will apply if minimum balance is not maintained on a daily basis.

Winner 50 Gold Checking

  • The requirements of this account are the same as the Winner 50 account with the exception that customers pay an automatic monthly service fee of $3.00 per month.
  • For this service charge, customers receive:
    • Free personalized checks (limited styles),
    • Travelers’ cards, cashier’s checks, money order at no service fee to customers, and
    • Free notary service, faxes, and copies.

Personal Savings/Statement Savings

  • Our statement savings accounts are interest-bearing accounts that require no minimum balance.
  • Interest is earned on all balances of $10.00 or more.
  • Interest is calculated daily and credited quarterly.
  • Deposit and withdrawal tickets are furnished at no charge to the customer.
  • A $10.00 deposit is required to open an account.

Money Market Deposit Accounts

  • Our money market accounts are available to individuals who are seeking competitive money market rates for their savings while maintaining safety and access to their funds.
  • This account is perfect for maintaining reserves or accumulating funds for a large purchase.
  • A minimum deposit of $2,500.00 is required to open this account which allows six pre-authorized or automatic transfers per month, including three checks.
  • As long as the minimum balance is maintained, this account is free of service charges.

Christmas Club

  • This account provides a convenient way for our customers to plan for the holiday season.
  • Our customers can contribute to these interest-bearing accounts in one of two ways:
    • 50-week coupon books are issued to customers in a weekly amount of their choice; or
    • Customers elect to have a set amount automatically deducted directly out of a checking or savings account. By choosing this method, the customer will receive a higher interest rate as well.
  • Balances on this account are paid by check on a yearly basis.
  • Service fees apply only on early withdrawals.

Vacation Club

  • This savings account can help you plan for your own personal holiday.
  • Deposit the amount that is suitable to you and earn interest on the account while planning your vacation.

Certificates of Deposits

The Turbotville National Bank provides a stable, safe investment opportunity that is FDIC insured by offering certificates of deposits. Our bank offers a variety of certificates of deposit with a minimum deposit of $500.00 and a maturity range of 30 days to 60 months. Interest rates vary depending upon the term and the amount deposited. We offer single maturity, with automatic renewal. Interest can be paid by check, or credited to a checking, money market, or statement savings account. Penalties will apply for early withdrawal.

Individual Retirement Accounts

For customers who wish to save for retirement, the Turbotville National Bank offers individual retirement accounts. Deposits are invested in certificates of deposit, for term requested by customer. Terms and rates offered are the same as our regular certificates of deposit. Early withdrawal penalties may apply.


A Traditional IRA is a tax-deferred savings plan that allows individuals to accumulate funds for retirement up to annual contribution limits. Individuals may be able to deduct their contributions from their taxes in the year in which they are made. Any growth in the account would be tax deferred until the funds are withdrawn. Individuals may begin making distributions at the age of 59 ½ without penalty and must begin taking minimum distributions at age 70 ½. Individuals may benefit with a traditional IRA by saving tax dollars now if they anticipate a lower tax bracket at retirement.


A Roth IRA is a tax-deferred savings plan that allows individuals to accumulate funds for retirement up to annual contribution limits. Funds inside a Roth IRA will grow tax-deferred until withdrawn at retirement. Unlike a Traditional IRA, a Roth IRA does not offer a potential tax deduction in the year they are made. However, qualified distributions are tax-free during retirement. Individuals may begin making distributions without penalty at age 59 ½. Individuals may benefit from Roth IRA if they would like to have tax free funds available or expect a higher income tax bracket at retirement.


  • Installment Loans
  • Auto Loans
  • Short Term Notes
  • Personal Lines of Credit
  • Land and Construction Loans
  • Mortgage Loans

Personal Credit Card

A personal credit card can be obtained at the Turbotville National Bank.  Cards with introductory rates, cashback, and reward points are available.  Choose the card that’s right for you.