TNB MasterCard Debit

We are pleased to inform you the Turbotville National Bank debit card program is transitioning to Mastercard.  The new Mastercard will replace your current TNB Visa debit card.  Your new card will offer improved security on your transactions and permit contactless Tap-to-Pay transactions.  Contactless Tap-to-pay transactions are a fast, simple, and secure method to complete in store purchases

TNB MasterCard FAQs

 Who will receive a MasterCard Debit?Customers with a VISA Debit or ATM Card will receive a new MasterCard
When will I receive my new Card?Consumers will receive their new MasterCard Debit by June 30th. ATM cardholders will receive a new card by the end of July.

VISA Business cardholders will receive a new card at a later time.
How do I activate my card?You no longer need to come to the Bank to activate your card! Your new MasterCard Debit will be activated via telephone. Instructions will be provided in the card mailer.

The card must be activated by a phone number on file at the Bank. If you are unable to activate your card, please call 570-649-5118
Will my VISA Card still work?Consumer VISA cards will expire on August 15, 2022. Please activate your new card immediately. We recommend changing any automatic payments as soon as possible.
Why an EMV card?Data is transmitted to authenticate a card and authorize a transaction every time a debit card is used. A card with a magnetic strip transmits information when swiped through a card reader.

Alternatively, an EMV-enabled card is inserted into the slot of the payment terminal, known as “dipping”, to validate a transaction. The small, square computer chip transmits a unique code for each transaction, reduces the risk of stolen data and counterfeit cards. A magnetic strip card does not produce a unique code
What is Tap-to-Pay?Enjoy a faster payment process with the security of an EMV card with Tap-to-PAy. For any terminal accepting contactless payments, simply Tap your TNB MasterCard when ready to pay.